Preparation for the 2015 Graphics Excellence Awards

March 12 was the deadline for entering the annual 2015 Graphics Excellence Awards (GEA), sponsored by the Great Lakes Graphics Association (GLGA). Entries for these awards are submitted by Illinois, Indiana and Wisconsin printing companies, where a vast amount of America’s commercial printing is produced. Prior to submitting our CPC entries, we enlist our own [...]

HOW TO BUILD AN AD THAT ROCKS! (Or at least rolls with the punches)

Monday morning, 8:00 am Salesperson: “We’re going to put an ad in the local tourism magazine. I want you to build one.” You: “Sounds great! What are the specs for the ad?” Salesperson: “We’re going to go with a half-page advertisement.” You: “Super. Horizontal or vertical and what are the dimensions for that?” Salesperson: “Well…half a page. Probably [...]