PREPRESS TWO CENTS: 22 Shades Better

The stunning sequel or possibly prequel. If you’ve decided to enter the mysterious world of Warm and Cool Gray, then this handy-dandy little chart will be your guide. Our previous article, 22 Shades of Gray, explained the consistency issues that plague these colors during printing. We also suggested that you experiment to find better builds [...]

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And They All Printed Happily Ever After Once upon a time…there was a Happy nBusiness that lived in a prosperous kingdom. At first the Happy Business only needed a few catalogs once or twice a year. As it grew, the Happy Business needed more and more catalogs. This was great except for the cost of printing more catalogs. What to [...]

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PREPRESS TWO CENTS: The Registration Swatch

What it is and Why You Should Avoid it! OR: What do you mean avoid it? Isn’t it a super-cool, rich-black substitute? Ah, the mysterious registration swatch, designed for manually drawing crop marks. How often do you do that? Seldom? Never? Certainly there are some legitimate uses for this swatch. However, in our corner of the printing [...]

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What Difference Does it Make? OR: Why can’t I print the brighter RGB colors? It happened again: you sent your job to the printer, and the preflight report you received says you have some RGB images. What’s the big deal? One color mode is pretty much like the other, right? Wrong. Let’s look briefly at color models. No device [...]

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PREPRESS TWO CENTS: Color: Monitor vs. Proof vs. Printed

Monitor vs. Proof vs. Print - Why Can They All Look Different? OR: Why doesn’t the proof match my screen? You’ve designed your job, you love the color and you send it off to the printer. It sails through preflight and a couple of days later you receive your high quality Epson color proofs. The color isn’t [...]

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PREPRESS TWO CENTS: Improving Image Resolution 

Not Like Keeping a New Year’s Resolution OR: Can high image resolution be counterfeited? You sent your job to the printer, and the preflight report you received says you have some low-res images. What could be the harm in opening those photos and punching in a higher resolution in the Image Size window? That should fix the problem, [...]

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How to Create a Metallic Look without Metallic Ink OR: Adding some bling bling without the cha-ching ching! Oh, those lovely metallic inks, adding their shiny, attention-getting glitz, glamour and class to printed pieces all around the world. Sigh… Too bad it’s just not in the budget. Too bad the metallics are spot color inks. Too bad there’s [...]

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The Good, the Bad and the Ugly OR: What difference does it make what goes over the fold? Time now for a quick review. A gutter jump is any kind of element that continues from one page, across the gutter (or fold) to the opposite page. This can be text, line art, or a photo. Gutter jumps [...]

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PREPRESS TWO CENTS: Digital Image File Types

What’s Up With the Alphabet Soup? OR: Why can’t I just save everything as a jpg? We are living in an acronym world and I am an acronym…okay, skip that. Let’s just say if you’re working with digital images, you better know your acronyms and your alphabet. TIF, EPS, JPG, GIF, PSD, PDF; the list [...]

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PREPRESS TWO CENTS: Crossing the Border Margins

No Passport Necessary OR: what’s so important about margins and image area anyway? Hmmm…the magazine you’re designing has gotten a little copy heavy and you’ve already made the text as small as you think you can without affecting readability. But you need to squeeze in a little more text. Here’s an idea: make the margins [...]

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