Does your community have a community directory? Does your community need a community directory? Does your city need to be a specific size to need a community directory? Community directories can seem like a thing of the past but are an excellent resource for keeping communities active and together.

Community directories act as a one-stop resource for any member of the community of any age to find hobby groups, local restaurants, clubs, sports teams, and local events, school plays, fundraising events, local parks, school concerts, local sporting teams schedules, etc. The list can go on and on! This makes community directories so crucial for local businesses, schools, organizations that keep the community active and social.

The clubs and group gatherings in these community directories give seniors, kids, and parents a catalog to see what is going on in the community in one place instead of searching the internet. It’s a tangible space for local information. Having a printed directory is especially important for seniors that lack interest and experience to interact with the internet or younger kids that parents don’t want on the internet yet.

Community directories are still vital to restaurants and shops to communicate specials, events, promotions, hours, locations, and more to their local audience to ensure their business is seen without having to compete with large national chains. In other words, community directories are an essential way to keep main street America alive by helping the community continue to SHOP LOCAL, which has become increasingly important to the next generation.

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