Tips for the Perfect Brochure

Brochures are very versatile, convenient, and beneficial to any and all businesses because of their access to new customers, as well as keeping old customers more informed. Normally, brochures consist of products, services, and simple straightforward information that keeps a customer interested as well as their ongoing trust in you. However, they are not always [...]

Tips for the Perfect Brochure2021-03-01T17:08:09-06:00

4 Reasons Why You Should Invest In A Professional Printing Company

When you outsource to a professional printing company, you gain all of the benefits of an expert. A professional in the printing industry can inform you about materials that can best benefit your company, as well as guide you to making a design that fits with your company image. The reasons provided below will give [...]

4 Reasons Why You Should Invest In A Professional Printing Company2021-02-12T10:40:31-06:00

Do you need brochures for your next event?

In the digital world that we live in today, it can be hard to understand why we still need brochures for our businesses and how they help us. If you have an upcoming event it is important to know how brochures can help you. CPC is a great brochure printing company that has you [...]

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Different Types Of Brochures

The most resourceful and prolific print media used today is brochures. Despite the many uses for the different types of brochures, its creativity and utilization can be disappointing due to our limited thinking and knowledge. People tend to jump straight to a Tri-fold, known as Letter Fold, as the default format. Different folds have different [...]

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Help Your City’s Local Businesses With New Tourism Brochures

Tourism brochures are a marketing tool that informs travelers about a particular destination, what sights to see, and what activities to do in that area. Most tourists grab a brochure when they arrive in a new city and use this brochure throughout their travel. This information usually informs tourists of well-known local places, parks, arts [...]

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How A Local Bridal Magazine Could Help Your City

Local bridal magazines are often an overlooked source of information that could truly highlight the significant parts of your city. Not only does a local bridal magazine highlight restaurants, venues, and bakeries, but there are many hidden gems that brides could find for a better cost to help with their overall budget. If your city [...]

How A Local Bridal Magazine Could Help Your City2020-10-01T12:55:24-05:00

Why Your City Needs New Travel Magazines

When people think of travel magazines, they think of a new place full of culture, food, and sight-seeing. Being in a different city, you can feel the community’s life, making you feel inspired. However, you may want to consider new travel magazines for your city. Outdated travel magazines are beautiful and still bring a sense [...]

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Why Catalog Printing Helps Your Business

Catalog Print has a unique purpose - direct sales. With catalog printing helping your business, your business can be more profitable when you directly reach out to both new and existing customers. Reaching out to new customers may not yield in too many sales but can still get your brand and identity across. At the [...]

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Why You Need a Catalog For Your Business

Not only does a catalog for your business specify what products and services you offer, but it also shows who you are, what you have to offer, and your highlights. You can showcase a small product or service by doing a small number of catalog prints. You can even personalize your business catalogs to fit [...]

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The Horror Continues OR: The Rise of Marks Gone Bad No, we’re not just updating our previous article about crop marks and pretending this is something new. So put on those cheaters if you need them and keep reading. Many publications include ads or other types of files that are provided from outside sources. A [...]