How to Use Magazine Printing to Rebrand Your Business

Magazines take time, energy, money, and creativity to produce, so you want your readers to be impressed with your work. If you have a magazine and you don’t think its “wow-ing” readers anymore, or it’s outdated, or you just saw a really awesome magazine that inspired you, it may be time to go to a [...]

PREPRESS TWO CENTS: You Spin Me Right ’round, Baby

Have you been thinking about producing a catalog, manual or workbook? Does a spiral binding make sense from a user's standpoint because it'll lay flat when it's open? With spiral binding, there's no irritating tendency for the book to snap itself shut, no need to constantly have to find your place again. If this is [...]

PREPRESS TWO CENTS: You think you’re so perfect!

Let's be honest: there's something about a perfect bound publication that says it's a piece worth hanging onto. The square spine and heavier cover stock suggest that the content is meant to be referenced again and again. A feeling of permanence is implied. Here are some tips for working with instead of against the nature [...]

PREPRESS TWO CENTS: CLEAR! Clear Overrides, That Is

Are you a fan of control and consistency? If so, then Paragraph Styles are probably already your friends. These little gems not only allow you to quickly format large chunks of text, they can help you locate and eliminate certain text problems as well. Read More