Why Your City Needs New Travel Magazines

When people think of travel magazines, they think of a new place full of culture, food, and sight-seeing. Being in a different city, you can feel the community’s life, making you feel inspired. However, you may want to consider new travel magazines for your city. Outdated travel magazines are beautiful and still bring a sense [...]

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Why Catalog Printing Helps Your Business

Catalog Print has a unique purpose - direct sales. With catalog printing helping your business, your business can be more profitable when you directly reach out to both new and existing customers. Reaching out to new customers may not yield in too many sales but can still get your brand and identity across. At the [...]

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Why You Need a Catalog For Your Business

Not only does a catalog for your business specify what products and services you offer, but it also shows who you are, what you have to offer, and your highlights. You can showcase a small product or service by doing a small number of catalog prints. You can even personalize your business catalogs to fit [...]

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The Horror Continues OR: The Rise of Marks Gone Bad No, we’re not just updating our previous article about crop marks and pretending this is something new. So put on those cheaters if you need them and keep reading. Many publications include ads or other types of files that are provided from outside sources. A [...]


Different Ways to Use Magazine Printing Services

When you find a trusted magazine printing company, you are not entirely aware of what they can do besides that they can print the magazine that you need to send out within a month. You’ll find that after browsing through a printing company’s printing services, there is a lot that can benefit you. These services [...]

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Ways To Optimize Your Magazine Printing

Are you looking for more ways to better optimize your magazine print? We can know all the tricks to make a magazine look great with fantastic photography and great vector designs. However, we sometimes forget that creating a great magazine simply means refining what we already know about creating a magazine print. In this article, [...]

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Why Magazine Printing is Still Useful

Did you know that millennials are reading more and more magazines? Recent studies show that millennials prefer printed reading material. Print media brings them back to a simpler time when the world was not totally digitized. Print media, such as magazines, bring back memories. Holding and turning the pages of a magazine helps the reader [...]

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3 Reasons Print Marketing isn’t Dead

Print marketing may seem like a dying medium, but that is not the case! Recent research is finding that millennials are more receptive to the printed word than digital marketing. Print marketing is seen as more credible to many recipients than digital marketing. Our brains take longer amounts of time deciphering printed media than digital [...]

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Pantone Color of the Year

Did you know that Pantone announced their Color of the Year as Classic Blue? This color is described as “regal, restrained and boundless” by many writers, including Pantone’s vice president. You can choose to utilize all of what Classic Blue is, whether in nature or in people. Or you can choose to push boundaries and [...]

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Saddle Stitch Versus Perfect Bound

When having magazines or brochures professionally printed, you may have to determine what is the best way to bind your publication. What are the different options for doing that? You will want to weigh the pros and cons of saddle stitch vs. perfect bound for your publication. Saddle stitch and perfect bound are both commonly [...]

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