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Brochure Print Design Trends for 2022

Trends are ever-changing, which is why businesses are always pressured to switch up brochure print design trends to stand out from the crowd. Switching up designs for your brochure print tells your customers that you know how to stay up to date on the latest trends. Additionally, customers tend to explore further when they see [...]

Brochure Print Design Trends for 20222022-07-14T15:01:25-05:00

Yes! Brochures are still important!

Brochures are still a great tool to have for any business. Whether you are a manufacturing company or a retail store, a brochure has the ability to give a quick overview of your business to potential customers. The best part of investing in brochures is that it is a tangible object that you can physically [...]

Yes! Brochures are still important!2022-07-14T15:02:57-05:00

Tips For Creating A Brochure Printing That Gets Seen

Direct mail has become increasingly popular because studies show that people love receiving customized, attractive, and relevant mail. People tend to keep mailers for a while as a reminder, especially if they don’t plan to use the services or buy the products soon. But designing them is a difficult task if there is no basic [...]

Tips For Creating A Brochure Printing That Gets Seen2022-07-14T15:03:25-05:00

Tips for the Perfect Brochure

Brochures are very versatile, convenient, and beneficial to any and all businesses because of their access to new customers, as well as keeping old customers more informed. Normally, brochures consist of products, services, and simple straightforward information that keeps a customer interested as well as their ongoing trust in you. However, they are not always [...]

Tips for the Perfect Brochure2022-07-14T15:03:50-05:00

Do you need brochures for your next event?

In the digital world that we live in today, it can be hard to understand why we still need brochures for our businesses and how they help us. If you have an upcoming event it is important to know how brochures can help you. CPC is a great brochure printing company that has you [...]

Do you need brochures for your next event?2022-07-14T15:14:30-05:00

Different Types Of Brochures

The most resourceful and prolific print media used today is brochures. Despite the many uses for the different types of brochures, its creativity and utilization can be disappointing due to our limited thinking and knowledge. People tend to jump straight to a Tri-fold, known as Letter Fold, as the default format. Different folds have different [...]

Different Types Of Brochures2022-07-14T15:04:41-05:00

Help Your City’s Local Businesses With New Tourism Brochures

Tourism brochures are a marketing tool that informs travelers about a particular destination, what sights to see, and what activities to do in that area. Most tourists grab a brochure when they arrive in a new city and use this brochure throughout their travel. This information usually informs tourists of well-known local places, parks, arts [...]

Help Your City’s Local Businesses With New Tourism Brochures2022-07-14T15:04:48-05:00

Why You Need Brochures for Your Real Estate Business

Brochures are an effective tool to market your real estate business and sell more homes. A brochure with high-quality photographs, well-written information, and QR codes may be the best way to develop a 360° home selling campaign. Brochures used in conjunction with digital and social media marketing will be the most thorough way to reach [...]

Why You Need Brochures for Your Real Estate Business2022-07-14T15:05:33-05:00

Tri-Fold Business Brochure Printing and Why It Works

The main reason why tri-fold business brochure printing is so popular is that it works, check out these aspects of brochure printing that make it a valuable asset in any businesses marketing arsenal. Most businesses solve a problem or fill a need that their consumers have. The thing is your business needs to prove to [...]

Tri-Fold Business Brochure Printing and Why It Works2022-07-14T15:06:38-05:00