Using Color in Print: CMYK vs. RGB

If you have any issues with the way color is turning out in your print projects, we are sure it’s because you may not know the difference between CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow, black) and RGB (red, green, blue) color models. To put it simply, RGB is best for websites and digital communications, whereas CMYK is [...]

Using Color in Print: CMYK vs. RGB2022-09-20T15:21:05-05:00

Pantone Color of the Year

Did you know that Pantone announced their Color of the Year as Classic Blue? This color is described as “regal, restrained and boundless” by many writers, including Pantone’s vice president. You can choose to utilize all of what Classic Blue is, whether in nature or in people. Or you can choose to push boundaries and [...]

Pantone Color of the Year2022-07-11T13:55:26-05:00

Creating a PDF using PageMaker 7

Creating a PDF using PageMaker7 can be a little tricky, but if you follow these five steps, in order, you'll be making beautiful PDFs using PageMaker7 in no time. Step 1: Click the File menu and select Print. Choose Adobe PDF as your printer and in the PPD drop-down select Acrobat Distiller. (NOTE—the PPD menu [...]

Creating a PDF using PageMaker 72019-12-23T13:32:29-06:00