Did you know that Pantone announced their Color of the Year as Classic Blue? This color is described as “regal, restrained and boundless” by many writers, including Pantone’s vice president. You can choose to utilize all of what Classic Blue is, whether in nature or in people. Or you can choose to push boundaries and deviate from the usual norm of what emotions Classic Blue evokes. Imagine this color in your graphic design, and magazines or catalogs.

Graphic Design
If you are a Graphic Designer designing anything from a logo to a magazine spread, think of how to captivate your readers using the Color of the Year as your primary color theme. Classic Blue, in your design, creates a very serene emotion when used as a monochromatic color. However, when you use contrasting colors such as orange, yellow, or pink, it creates more exciting energy and anticipation. Take a minute to look at movie covers that use mostly blues and oranges versus movie covers that use mostly monochromatic colors. How do you feel when looking at them?

Magazine and Catalogs
Magazines and catalogs flow better if it follows a color scheme. Using Pantone’s Color of the Year as the focal color, it is better to have a balanced design of both dynamic and soft energy. Too much of either energy will not send the right message to your readers. For magazines and catalogs, you want a consistent and harmonious color palette. For example, pairing Classic Blue with purples and greens creates an analogous color scheme. Pairing Classic Blue with neutral colors such as white, tan, or black allows it to be the main color. But who says you can’t play around with colors that will match this year’s Classic Blue?

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