CPC Printing and Promotions is a uniquely-talented, technologically-advanced, sheetfed and heatset web commercial printing company. The business began in the 1930s and came to be called Crescent Printing Company in 1956. It was founded by Everett B. Lund and has operated under continuous family ownership ever since. Our print specialties include catalogs, manuals, magazines, tourism guides, inserts, postcards, brochures, newsletters, and direct mailers. Click on the Organization History link below to learn more.

Nobody’s Better
CPC was founded by Everett B. Lund in the early 1930s when he purchased his first printing press for $50 while working as a delivery person for a local dairy. His first printing job was imprinting on labels for the Onalaska Pickle and Canning Company.

After World War II, Lund started Modern Printing Company and began publishing the Holmen Times. Later, he purchased the La Crosse County Record, published in Onalaska. The two papers eventually merged into the weekly Times-Record. Circulation was approximately 800 with a yearly subscription cost of $3.

Modern Printing Company became Crescent Printing Company when Lund purchased Crescent in 1955. He later sold his newspaper interests, which at one time included the La Crosse Shopper, to concentrate on outside printing contracts.

An association with D. B. Reinhart, owner of Gateway Foods, brought the opportunity to produce what was called the IGA Shopper, an eight-page black and white tabloid. For a number of years, this publication was printed using the letterpress process. As Gateway grew, so did their need for a better product. To meet Reinhart’s production specifications and still remain competitive, Crescent purchased its first web offset press. Along with speed and efficiency, the company could now offer color to Gateway as well as the many other weekly newspapers and shoppers it was now printing.

Current President, Roger Bjorge, joined CPC in 1957. His first job was running a linotype machine. As the business grew, the opportunity to work in and become familiar with all phases of the company was the stepping stone for Roger to become part of the management team.

In order to meet the growing demand of newsprint publications for higher quality, more pages, and faster turnaround, the company purchased both used and new web offset presses. During this period, the sheetfed offset business was also growing, so the company invested in equipment to meet those needs as well.

CPC is proud of our ongoing efforts and successes in developing a workforce culture promoting the benefits of being Lean and Green.

Operating excellence is realized through the culture of Lean Enterprise. Our Lean journey began in 2006 and has paved the way for ongoing process improvements and continuously improved workflow. With the direction of the Milwaukee School of Engineering’s (MSOE) Lean Certification Program, the benefits of Lean are visible in every area of our company.

The Environmental Protection Agency explains the Lean and Green link as follows: “Lean produces an operational and cultural environment that is highly conducive to time and material waste minimization and pollution prevention.”

In other words, Lean Methodology is the perfect complement to Green Responsibility. Both represent the absolute elimination of waste, whether it is material usage, energy usage, air pollution, or chemicals.

FSC® Certification

Crescent Printing holds certification from the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC), offering reassurance that trees used in the papermaking process are harvested responsibly, and that best practices and environmental responsibility are a priority.

The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification assures our customers that the materials used in the production of certified jobs have been produced in a responsible and renewable process. Materials come from a certified forest or other approved sources such as controlled wood and reclaimed material. These materials can be traced back to their origins. This ability to track becomes a “chain of custody” (COC) that can be followed from the origin of the materials to the final product, meaning that any FSC labeled product can be traced back to an approved source. This entire process allows customers to know product was produced in an environmentally responsible, socially beneficial, and economically viable way.

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Soy Ink
The ink we use comes from INX International, who is committed to formulating state-of-the-art, environment-friendly products that deliver unsurpassed performance and quality while minimizing the negative impact to the environment. To reduce emissions of Volatile Organic Components (VOC’s) we have adopted the use of more environment-friendly materials. For example, all of our ink is soy ink, which replaces petroleum oil with naturally replenishable vegetable oil.

One of CPC’s seven fundamental values is “Caring for our Communities.” Our community involvement is represented by our owners’ commitment to the community and the numerous ways that our employees contribute to local organizations throughout the Coulee Region.

Caring for our communities is a year-round effort. Our 22nd Annual Children’s Miracle Network Golf Classic was held in June, 2013, raising over $11,000. Over the last 22 years we’ve raised a grand total of over $120,000 for CMN.

In 2012/2013, Marcy Lund’s daughter, Lindsay Schmidt, was chosen as a Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals Hero. CPC was Lindsay’s proud Miracle Maker Sponsor. Lindsay was chosen to be one of 5 kids in the region to be the voice and face of CMN Hospitals for a year. Lindsay and the other children helped raise awareness and money for kids and families, just like them, who need the help of CMN Hospitals.

CPC has also “adopted” the Wafer Food Pantry as a friend in need. This twice-a-year event began in 2006, and with the help of our employees, we collect food and personal care items to support Wafer’s efforts in our community.

Throughout the year, many other local groups benefit from our community support. These include Freedom Honor Flight, Friends of Scouting, Habitat for Humanity, American Red Cross, United Fund for the Arts, Steppin’ Out in Pink, Riverfest, Women’s Fund of Greater La Crosse, UW-L La Crosse Athletics, La Crosse Symphony Orchestra, United Fund for the Arts, Wings Over Wisconsin, and Unicorn Children’s Foundation.

Crescent Printing – Our Vision – Our Values

Our Vision is easily understood by our employees. The phrases “Best Workplace” and “World-Class Performance,” cover two of the most important aspects of our culture and business model.

Best Workplace describes our quest to provide the best work environment possible for our employees, as measured by the ‘Best Workplace in the Americas’ HR program. World-Class Performance reveals our Lean culture of customer service, quality, competitive costs, and the essence of Lean Enterprise, measureable by the many ratios of Lean Manufacturing.

Shared values and practices characterize our employees, as they serve our customers with the highest degree of professionalism. At CPC, we will continue with our goals to be a vibrant, healthy, competitive, world-class company that optimizes people, processes, and resources.

Our Vision – Our Values
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