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How Promotional Products For Your Business Is Beneficial

It is no secret that a growing business requires a lot of creativity, especially when it comes to marketing. Using promotional products for your business is smart because people not only love free items, they also connect better with them. By using them strategically, it can increase sales, customer loyalty, create more leads, and brand [...]

How Promotional Products For Your Business Is Beneficial2022-04-12T09:53:56-05:00

Yes! Brochures are still important!

Brochures are still a great tool to have for any business. Whether you are a manufacturing company or a retail store, a brochure has the ability to give a quick overview of your business to potential customers. The best part of investing in brochures is that it is a tangible object that you can physically [...]

Yes! Brochures are still important!2022-07-14T15:02:57-05:00

Services From A Commercial Printing Company

As a business, it is necessary to take advantage of printing services in order to reach a larger audience. A commercial printing company offers services that can help meet the goals of any and all marketing needs, but finding the right company can be hard. The right printing company not only has most of the [...]

Services From A Commercial Printing Company2022-01-31T13:44:13-06:00

Why Choose Commercial Printing

Outsourcing your printing needs to a commercial printing company is the better choice if there are too many in-house projects that are taking up productivity. This choice will lead team members to worry less about getting the job done and instead focus their time and energy on being creative. Another plus side is that even [...]

Why Choose Commercial Printing2022-07-11T14:23:51-05:00

5 Advantages of Digital Printing

Do you have a large print job that you need to hire out? Have you considered digital printing? There are so many advantages to digital printing, but some are more technical than others.  Let’s narrow it down to 5 advantages of digital printing.  Leave it to the experts to deal with the technical aspects. What [...]

5 Advantages of Digital Printing2019-12-23T13:32:28-06:00

Digital Printing Versus Offset Printing

Offset Printing Offset printing is a method of printing where metal plates transfer ink onto a rubber piece which is known as a blanket. The blanket then rolls the ink onto the paper. One benefit to offset printing is that the colors are more precise since Pantone ink is used. Pantone ink also allows for [...]

Digital Printing Versus Offset Printing2022-07-11T14:50:50-05:00

Which Commercial Printing Option is Best for Your Business

If you own a business and you've been thinking about running some print advertising but are hearing a lot of people in the advertising world saying that print advertising is dead, here is the one question to ask yourself - do major successful publicly traded companies still advertise in print? The answer is a resounding, [...]

Which Commercial Printing Option is Best for Your Business2022-07-11T14:56:02-05:00

Should I Consider Print Catalog

So you've been printing catalogs for your customers and prospects over the last few years. Now some self-proclaimed internet guru is pressuring you to do away with the catalog saying that print is dead and the only reason print doesn't know it's dead yet is because it doesn't have the internet. Let me ask you [...]

Should I Consider Print Catalog2021-12-07T13:31:08-06:00

Creating a PDF using PageMaker 7

Creating a PDF using PageMaker7 can be a little tricky, but if you follow these five steps, in order, you'll be making beautiful PDFs using PageMaker7 in no time. Step 1: Click the File menu and select Print. Choose Adobe PDF as your printer and in the PPD drop-down select Acrobat Distiller. (NOTE—the PPD menu [...]

Creating a PDF using PageMaker 72019-12-23T13:32:29-06:00

How to Prepare Your Publication for Commercial Printing

Most of the time when you need to print something you can use your printer at home, or if you don't have a printer at home, you can print at a place like Staples. For extra particular jobs such as large volume (anything over a hundred copies), specialty paper, binding or trimming, you'll want to [...]

How to Prepare Your Publication for Commercial Printing2019-12-23T13:32:29-06:00