Do you have a large print job that you need to hire out? Have you considered digital printing? There are so many advantages to digital printing, but some are more technical than others.  Let’s narrow it down to 5 advantages of digital printing.  Leave it to the experts to deal with the technical aspects.

What is Digital Printing?

digital print electrostatic rollers

Digital printing, what does it entail?  To put it briefly digital printing uses electrostatic rollers, called drums, to apply toner to paper.  A great benefit of digital printing is the low set up cost and variable data capability. Variable data capability means that you can change things on your prints easily.  Digital printing has come a long way! There are so many color and design options.  There is less set up cost, so printing has become affordable and quick.

5 Advantages of Digital Printing

Important advantages of digital printing for your needs:

  1. Excellent quality, printing issues are rare, color and lines are easily controlled and manipulated
  2. It’s cost effective because there are very little set up costs
  3. It’s time saving-urgent jobs are no problem- again, set up is quick and easy
  4. Changes are made with little effort/variable data capacity lets us personalize products for your different markets
  5. Environmentally friendly. Print just the amount you want and we can print more if you need it

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