Trends are ever-changing, which is why businesses are always pressured to switch up brochure print design trends to stand out from the crowd. Switching up designs for your brochure print tells your customers that you know how to stay up to date on the latest trends. Additionally, customers tend to explore further when they see a new type of trend. The question is, what designs will catch a customer’s attention? Here are some tips to consider about brochure print design trends in 2022.

Design Trends for Brochure Print

𑇐 TYPOGRAPHY has always been a good design trend to chase but some businesses have opted to customize their own. So far in 2022, bold and geometric typefaces are making statements and catching customers’ attention.
𑇐 COLOR USAGE has not gone out of fashion, but bright colors are taking over the usual colors that conveyed a message of sophistication. Do not limit color to only images and layouts, try applying it to fonts as well. You’ll be surprised how well it will turn out!
𑇐 GEOMETRIC DESIGN LAYOUT, paired with a bold font, can create a strong unison, order, and theme for your brochure print! Using odd shapes such as a hexagon or an octagon can be visually pleasing.
𑇐 ILLUSTRATIONS AND IMAGES is a great use of contrast to bold fonts and geometric designs. Illustrations are good to break away from traditional norms of brochure print design trends, but images will ultimately always be the best as it is used to reference a product, people, or service.

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