Direct mail has become increasingly popular because studies show that people love receiving customized, attractive, and relevant mail. People tend to keep mailers for a while as a reminder, especially if they don’t plan to use the services or buy the products soon. But designing them is a difficult task if there is no basic color-complementary, font designs, and hierarchy of information. Here are some tips for creating a brochure printing that gets seen.

Brochure Printing Tips

• Brand Personality – Determining the goals for your direct mail can greatly make the designing process easier. Carefully plan out the goals, expectations, and the impression you want. If you constantly ask yourself these questions with an objective in mind, your brochure will always stay on message.
• Target Audience – This may seem obvious but is not always so. Whoever you are targeting, be sure to keep their needs in mind and design your brochure carefully to meet their demands. In doing so, your customers will remember you more.
• Color Scheme – Colors that complement each other are more likely to get your customers’ attention, so play off of your brand’s main colors. Though there are many ways to play with colors, you should always consider how they will help your focal point shine.
• Limit Font Choices – A brochure can easily be confused if you allow yourself to use too many different fonts. Fonts sometimes imply the type of personality of your business and you don’t want your customers to mistake you for not caring about your own products.
• Quality Materials – Investing in higher quality materials is a must even if you are on a budget. Customers do not appreciate low-quality materials and will most likely toss it before even understanding what you have to offer.

How We Can Help

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