Brochures are very versatile, convenient, and beneficial to any and all businesses because of their access to new customers, as well as keeping old customers more informed. Normally, brochures consist of products, services, and simple straightforward information that keeps a customer interested as well as their ongoing trust in you. However, they are not always attracted to the information within a brochure, but rather the design and feel of it. How do you create the perfect brochure? Here are a few tips:

How to Create the Perfect Brochure

Fonts: Limiting your font choices will allow for improved legibility and readability to shine through. A customer can easily become confused by too many font choices and miss the message of your company.
Paper Stock: Carefully choosing the right paper stock to help you sell your products or services helps a customer relate to your company better.
Target Audience: Be sure to have a target audience in mind and know what they will gain from the information that you provide in the brochure.
Layout: The perfect brochure needs to have a well thought out layout before it enters a designing phase. It will help keep the look of your brochure consistent.
Image Usage: The images used within a brochure should always be very sharp and clear. Pixelated or blurry images may create a bad impression.
Mission Statement: Make a great and lasting impression by using your company’s mission statement or slogan to remind customers of who you are.

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