Brochures are still a great tool to have for any business. Whether you are a manufacturing company or a retail store, a brochure has the ability to give a quick overview of your business to potential customers. The best part of investing in brochures is that it is a tangible object that you can physically put in a customers hands versus directing them to a resource on the internet. Here are some examples of how business’s or industries have benefited from brochures.


Costco is a prime example of how a retail store uses brochures to highlight specials happening in the store. Offering the brochure at the entrance is a great way to guide customers through their shopping experience and to help a retail store sell through sale merchandise. Retail stores like Costco and Macys are large stores and it would take a lot of labor hours to move every piece of inventory that the store wants to sell through to one spot.


Most of the restaurants that use brochures are delivery or order pick-up restaurants. Chinese restaurants usually include menu brochures with each order while other restaurants like Toppers or Papa Johns use brochures to highlight new menu items or specials happening throughout the month. Regular, non-franchise, sit down restaurants could benefit from brochures but rarely use them. A brochure is a great way to highlight specials planned throughout the month, new menu items, or events that will be taking place. Brochures would help to get repeat customers and to highlight special items that the restaurant wants to sell through to avoid food waste.

Many businesses invest in brochures when they are attending large events like trade shows but they should also be investing in brochures for the customers that aren’t at the trade shows. A brochure can highlight service or product specialties or other points of difference that might be might make the customers decision to pick your business over a competitors a little easier. Whatever industry your business is in, contact a commercial printing company to help you design and print quality brochure that helps your business reach their goals.