Planning the process of a magazine print is not an easy task. It requires detailed planning and can be very demanding, but the efforts are worth it. Here are some magazine printing tips for you to consider before planning your own magazine.

Magazine Printing Tips

● Construct the magazine project carefully and accurately. It is crucial that you create the final print product accurately. This includes bleeds, trims, and crop marks. Neatly organize all of text and photos within a certain margin so that they are not cut off when printing and cutting.
● Use high-quality images. Magazines without high-resolution images tend to be very pixelated and blurry. Formats such as PNG, JPG, TIFF, and PDF are ideal to use.
● Choose the right fonts. Be sure to pick fonts that are legible and can be embedded in PDF files. If it cannot be embedded, your font choices will automatically resort to a default font.
● Pick the right colors. It’s important to know the difference between the color modes CMYK and RGB. The color black is also important to know: black and rich black, and should read 100%.
● Check for last-minute edits before sending it to print. Always double check, even on the day you are going to send your magazine project to print. Make sure that it is compatible with Adobe Acrobat so that the printing company can open and double-check for you as well, and can recognize if something is wrong.

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