In order for the future of your business to be successful, creating brand awareness is a must. There are many ways to promote your business and brand that don’t limit you to just digital marketing. Business promotional products displayed at trade shows, conferences, or even being given away as small gifts are effective ways to make your brand stand out. This may seem old school but neglecting this simple but essential task will have larger competitors run you to the ground. Here are the 3 business promotional products that you should consider.

The 3 Business Promotional Products that Your Brand Needs:

1. Backpacks and tote bags are some of the most popular promotional products a business can have. Not only do they have a great personal function, they are also a walking advertisement. Keep in mind that they are for personal use and must be of quality and durability, otherwise your brand will end up at the back of a closet.
2. Drinkware is a popular promotional product. They are an easily personalized product that gets used daily, so that means it gets full exposure every day. Get creative by diversifying drinkware products such as water bottles, mugs, thermos, and pint glasses!
3. Pens may be a little old-fashioned but still prove to be very effective. They are affordable and an easy item to give away for customers to remember you by. If pens are outdated for you, especially if you are a tech company, brand your company into stylus pens instead.

Business promotional products are one of the ways to bring in more business, as well as put free advertising out there. As a smaller business, don’t miss out on this opportunity. CPC Printing and Promotions is a promotional product company that services businesses throughout Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, and all regions of the United States and beyond. When you are ready, call us or contact us on our website for a quote about promotional products.