Tourism brochures are a marketing tool that informs travelers about a particular destination, what sights to see, and what activities to do in that area. Most tourists grab a brochure when they arrive in a new city and use this brochure throughout their travel. This information usually informs tourists of well-known local places, parks, arts and culture, restaurants, and local events. If you already have tourism brochures, but tourists do not seem interested, it may be because your brochures lack this vital information that could be of use.

Other Information to Include in Travel Brochures
Help tourists plan better for certain activities by including general weather information. It is always a great disappointment when tourists are too busy planning fun events, and rainy weather ruins it. Besides the weather, give your tourists important information to rent cars, call for cabbies, and ride the bus. Don’t let them be stuck since not knowing this information could deter others from visiting your city.

Besides textual information, tourism brochures can also include beautiful landscape images or photos of the city and buildings. Not only are they meant to WOW a traveler, but they give tourists a sense of the city’s identity and the local community. Ask yourself what your city has to offer that can provide a traveler a great experience?

Time To Create New Tourism Brochures
Help your city’s local businesses by updating your current tourism brochures or creating new ones. Give travelers a chance to have a great time in your city! When you are ready, CPC Printing & Promotions will walk you through every step of creating these tourism brochures and for all other services that we have, such as catalog printing services and magazine printing services. We have also served our customers with magazine printing and promotional services throughout Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Illinois, and Indiana.