The most resourceful and prolific print media used today is brochures. Despite the many uses for the different types of brochures, its creativity and utilization can be disappointing due to our limited thinking and knowledge. People tend to jump straight to a Tri-fold, known as Letter Fold, as the default format. Different folds have different uses and could deliver a more compelling story or carry better informational value. Let’s explore the types of brochures and their usages.

Different Types of Brochure Folds & Usesdifferent types of brochures

Half Fold
This fold works very well for basic presentations or info sheets because of its similarity to a booklet.

Letter Fold
Letter Fold is one of the more common folds. It is generally used for businesses and to market any products and services.

Z Fold
Also known as a Fan Fold. Its use is similar to the Letter Fold, in which it is also used for product showcasing and informational value on services.

Open Gate Fold
This fold is better known for its presentational value with graphic and image uses.

4-Panel Parallel Fold
A large version of the Letter Fold, allowing for more information and image uses.

Closed Gate Fold
The Closed Gate Fold is suitable for large presentations.

Accordion Fold
This fold can have up to four or five creases and is better used for step-by-step tutorials for a product.

Roll Fold
Like the Accordion Fold, it has up to four or five creases but instead folds in a “rolling” motion. The Roll Fold is usually good for content-rich handouts, such as step-by-step instructions or the informational booklet.

Quarter Fold
The Quarter Fold folds into four equal squares. Its interior is usually left blank because its use is typically limited to invitations and small menus.

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