Promotional products are a must in the coming years to really help enhance your company from a consumer’s eyes! With so many companies in Michigan using promotional products, it is time to get in the game or get left behind. CPC prides ourselves in finding the best promotional product for you in your area of Michigan! Here are a few reasons to choose CPC for your promotional product’s needs:

Member of ASI – We are an active member of the largest media and marketing organization, Advertising Specialty Institute. This gives us easy access to over 750,000 promotional products! This even gives us the power to create any custom-made items you can think of for your unique brand in Michigan!

Enormous selection – Our selection is unmatched in the top-brand sector. We offer custom embroidered/silkscreened wearables that can include but aren’t limited to: polos, t-shirts, caps, bags, and any kind of outerwear!

Inform and advise – At CPC, we don’t just make promotional products, we also offer to advise to help you make the best promotional product choice. We keep a list of the 10 most popular promotional products on our website and are excellent at helping pick the right choice for your Michigan business!

The top ten promotional products today are shirts, bags, headwear, office/desk accessories, writing instruments, other wearables, glassware and ceramics, computer-related, health and safety, and electronics. Contact us today and we will help you decide which promotional product is best for you! Get in the promotional product game today and help enhance your Michigan business.

At CPC, we provide magazine printing services as well as catalog printing, manual printing, direct mailers (including postcards and flyers), tourism guides, and promotional services for businesses throughout Michigan and all regions of the United States and beyond. Our commercial printing services are relied upon by small business owners, large corporations, government organizations, print brokers, advertising agencies, as well as other commercial printing companies. Contact us today for world-class customer service on your next magazine printing project.