March 12 was the deadline for entering the annual 2015 Graphics Excellence Awards (GEA), sponsored by the Great Lakes Graphics Association (GLGA). Entries for these awards are submitted by Illinois, Indiana and Wisconsin printing companies, where a vast amount of America’s commercial printing is produced.

Prior to submitting our CPC entries, we enlist our own employee craftspeople to help us narrow our choices down to our best candidates. Over 35 employees scoured over the pieces selecting their favorites, as the final entries were based on their feedback.

This annual competition honors superb craftsmanship in the design, creation and production of top-quality printed material. The GEA is one of the largest regional affiliate print competitions and is intensely competitive. Of the multiple categories, it is no small feat that CPC has consistently been awarded top honors. Pieces judged must be deemed flawless to win.

Official judging of the competition will occur on March 17 and 18 at the GLGA headquarters in Pewaukee, WI. Stay tuned as the results will soon be announced!

2015 Graphics Excellence Awards

CPC employees assist with internal judging.


Great Lakes Graphics Association

2015 Graphics Excellence Awards