Weddings can take months and sometimes over a year to plan. It can feel like there are a million different decisions that have to be made from the right dress, venue, food, grooms wear, hairstyle, shoes, accessories, music, and more. Some brides decide to hire a wedding planner to get through the long list of decisions while others do it with friends or family, but they still need to find bridal content to generate creative ideas to get the wedding of their dreams.

Bridal magazines still play a crucial role in guiding brides through the stressful and challenging process of planning their wedding day. National bridal magazines are great for getting ideas for destination weddings, flower arrangement designs, latest dress trends, and the best hairstyles, and accessories. But local bridal magazines can help give exposure to wedding based businesses in your area. This gives your local magazine company an excellent opportunity to sell more ad space!

Since weddings are a seasonal business, a localized bridal magazine can be printed 1 to 2 times a year to help brides support local businesses and to help local bridal shops, venues, caterers, etc. This will help you reach future brides at the right time in their planning process. A seasonal wedding magazine is an excellent addition to a local city or county magazine’s already planned calendar to sell additional ad space during the wedding planning months.

The CPC Printing & Promotions team has been designing and printing bridal magazines since the 1930s. Our team understands the quality of paper, ink, and binding necessary to put together a bridal magazine that gets noticed by the right audience so that you can sell ad space to produce your magazine. If your local or national magazine company needs help with their regular bridal magazine or is looking to start creating a regular bridal magazine, the CPC team can help. Call 608-781-1050 or click here for a free quote.