Are you looking for more ways to better optimize your magazine print? We can know all the tricks to make a magazine look great with fantastic photography and great vector designs. However, we sometimes forget that creating a great magazine simply means refining what we already know about creating a magazine print. In this article, we will present some ways that will help you better optimize your magazine printing.

Adobe programs: Adobe programs, such as Indesign, are specially designed to help you with designing for magazines, brochures, and books. Photoshop is fantastic for rendering perfect photos while Illustrator can be used for vectors or digital designs, further optimizing your magazine print.

Magazine specifications: Before starting design, it’s good to know your magazine specifications, such as the size of your magazine, its margins, and the type of paper it is going to be printed on. All of these will affect your magazine’s overall look, organization, and flow.

Font: Font and typography play an extremely important role in magazine print. Allow yourself only three fonts to choose from, first representing the title or heading, second representing, sub-title, and third representing legible text.

RGB vs. CMYK: Know the difference between RGB and CMYK. RGB color mode has a wider selection of colors, so save your Photoshop image as RGB before placing them into your magazine. CMYK produces a slightly different color range, and most commercial printing requires that your magazine, as a whole, is saved as CMYK.

Trusted Printing Company: Find a trusted printing company with good reviews. Talk to their professionals about your plan and get a quote, whether for the design of your magazine or for its print.

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