Did you know that millennials are reading more and more magazines? Recent studies show that millennials prefer printed reading material. Print media brings them back to a simpler time when the world was not totally digitized. Print media, such as magazines, bring back memories. Holding and turning the pages of a magazine helps the reader escape from their everyday life and gives the reader a pause in life. Reading a magazine article will make the article much more memorable, and the tactile process of reading a magazine provides the brain with more time to process the information. People tend to trust the information printed in a reputable magazine more than digital media. Magazines are seen as a luxury item in this time of pop up media.

Reasons that magazine printing is still useful:
· Magazines complement digital media to create maximum exposure
· The look and feel of a magazine cannot be replicated on a screen; printed media is felt, seen, and sometimes smelled….
· Leisurely relaxation, slowly turning pages, provides a tactile connection
· Provides a virtual disconnect, no pop-up distractions
· Makes a message last longer, easier to read
· Magazines are a long-trusted media source
· Niche audience-defined readership, advertisers know their audience based on the type of magazine
· Magazines are lasting media that can be passed on or held onto for years to come

Magazine printing is still useful. Whether you are printing a specialty magazine on cars or your magazine keeps your readers up to date on the latest fashions, you can rest assured that your audience still wants a printed magazine.

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