Magazines take time, energy, money, and creativity to produce, so you want your readers to be impressed with your work. If you have a magazine and you don’t think its “wow-ing” readers anymore, or it’s outdated, or you just saw a really awesome magazine that inspired you, it may be time to go to a magazine printing company to rebrand your design or business.

The first and most important question you need to answer is, “Why does my business need a rebrand?” A few of the most common reasons are:

  1. You’ve had a similar magazine design for 4 or more years
  2. New magazine editor
  3. Your business wants to reach a bigger or different audience
  4. You’re often repeating themes or content in your magazine
  5. Your brand and magazine design is simply outdated

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Just rebranding your magazine or business for the sake of changing it can be risky; however, if it’s not completing the mission it’s supposed to, that’s the only reason you need. Whatever the reason for rebranding, it must be strategic. If you need to rebrand your business, use a magazine printing company such as CPC Printing & Promotions.

How to use magazine printing to rebrand your business:

Create a strategic planning process – this step involves creating a situation analysis or SWOT analysis, doing questionnaires or surveys, finding problems and blind spots, figuring out how to measure the results, and create a scheduled plan.

Create a complete redesign roadmap – this step includes your strategic plan, then figuring out your target, concluding what your brand will look like and the goals of it, the complete design, and how your business will sustain this rebrand.

For more information on how and why you can use magazine printing to rebrand your business, use a magazine printing company such as CPC Printing & Promotions. Crescent Printing Company has produced world-class commercial and magazine printing for nearly 60 years, including award-winning magazines and catalogs. Get started by contacting us and letting our experts help you with a quote.