For the last decade, technology has been rapidly transforming almost every aspect of our lives. It has changed the way we communicate with each other, consume TV and movies, and how we engage in print media.

For a while now digital media folks have been lording over the print media people, saying things like “print is dead” intimating that no one wants to read paper publications anymore and everyone is only ever going to read on internet connected screened device.

Today we see that people are still consuming print media and they’re doing so together with digital media.

Sure, the overwhelming amount of time that people spend is on screens vs. paper publications, but here are a couple of cool examples of why 2019 is the year of the amalgamation of print and digital.

Print Magazine- QR codes

An increasing amount of print magazine publications are incorporating these machine-readable designs into their advertisements and articles giving consumers an ability to unlock hidden deals, promotions, and content through scanning the QR on their smartphone from the print media.

Print Magazine- Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is not just big on social media, but print magazines are using this marketing method as well. Social media influencers who are celebrities exclusively on their particular social media platforms have successfully captured the attention of their audiences, which means that print magazine publishers that want to target that specific audience are more than happy to get that social media celebrity onto the front cover of their print magazine.

Print Magazine- Targeted Marketing

People have become accustomed to blocking out the never-ending bombardment of ads on social media and the internet. We’ve have trained our brains to filter out most of the content that they are trying to sell us on a constant basis. When it comes to print magazines, people are buying them because they want to consume what they have to offer. They are interested in the content and read it willingly. When consumers of a niche market are voluntarily consuming media, it presents an excellent opportunity for marketing and advertising.

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