80’s and 90’s Inspired Vintage Print Magazine

We have been noticing an increase in magazines applying print trends of the past to today’s design trends in print magazine. We see more pastels, geometric shapes, angles, curves, and drop shadows, and bold colors that are reminiscent of Generation X. Graphic artists are mixing the old and new to create something fresh for today that still has a familiar taste of the past that we can appreciate.

Classis Logo Design

Simple logo design is currently trending. When it comes to printing, sometimes less is more. We are noticing more minimalist and clean logos without any clutter. Companies realize that it is essential to make their brand easily recognizable amidst a sea of marketing clutter. The stripped down logos give their brands a timeless look.

Handwriting and Handmade Art

There is something authentic about handwriting and hand-drawn art. Not only is it unique and creative but it is also impactful. When something is handwritten it tells a story, it has personal meaning attached to it. Today’s readers want to see meaningful content, and that is why there is such an increase in hand-drawn graphics.

Protest Art

Protest art is one of the top emerging design trends in print magazines. We are seeing an increase in politically driven photos and advertisements that are inspired by movements that get peoples attention. Protest art helps convey a message to the viewer in a creative way often using humor or a shock factor. Social activism arouses emotions and get peoples attention and leads to greater awareness of specific political and social issues.

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