Businesses often have many various types of print media to help them target their audience in many different ways, varying in all ages, preferences, and platforms. Print media can heighten your company’s professional presence and give customers an even greater impression of your business. Skipping out on a networking opportunity means missing out on the chance to convey your brand to them. Learn about the different types of printing services and which best suits the needs of your business.

Printing Services Your Business Needs:

• Magazine Print: Tailored to more specific subjects, such as fashion, sports, health, and home. People who buy magazines enjoy reading articles, skimming through tips and tricks, and looking at beautiful imagery.
• Catalogs: Catalogs showcase products and services, and are basically a guide to help customers find the latest products that could benefit them.
• Flyers and Brochures: One of the most affordable and versatile ways to distribute to customers, or potential ones. These types of print media are usually designed to have the most information.
• Promotional Products: There is no better way to express the creativity of your business by utilizing promotional products! Customers love to take a little piece of your brand home with them, so why not brand items such as shirts, mugs, and office supplies for them to remember your company by?
• Mailers: To target a local audience, mailers are the best print media to reach out to them. Even though they are out of fashion, mailers still serve a purpose. They usually have very short yet specific information about services offered.

At CPC Printing and Promotions, we provide catalog printing, magazine printing, flyers & brochures, promotional products, and direct mailers for businesses throughout Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana and all regions of the United States. If you have any questions or need us to print any type of marketing materials, please contact us at 608.781.1050 or 800.658.9032!