Catalog printing may seem like an outdated medium for marketing but print catalogs can help your business stand out from the competition. Catalogs may help your company gain a competitive edge because many people prefer reading physical media as opposed to digital. A catalog allows the customer to slow down and enjoy the marketing experience. Catalogs deliver ease, convenience and relaxation. People engage with catalogs at a deeper level. A physical experience makes memories and connections. The stories and images in a catalog can inspire and allow the consumer to escape from daily stress. People can disconnect while paging through a catalog.

Why Catalog Printing Can Help Your Business Stand Out from the Competition?

The average time a consumer spends looking at a catalog is 15.5 minutes long. Consumers tend to hold onto their catalogs for several weeks. Catalogs provide strong customer retention. One is likely to read and keep a catalog. Online marketing is passive, direct mail catalogs are active, proactive and tactile. Catalogs influence purchase decisions, they have a stronger influence than websites or tv ads.
· Catalogs provide better recall over longer periods of time
· Stronger brand associations
· Deeper emotional connections
Neuroscience research supports the value of physical catalogs as a complement to digital communications. Physical media leaves a longer-lasting impression.

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