In the past, business owners needed to use print services for their subscription-based business. It was not until the advent of the internet and then its rampant growth that business owners moved solely to digital communication with their subscribers. Like with any shiny new thing, people were excited, and businesses were trying to replace print communications with digital communications. In this article, we will discuss why this logic is flawed and why you do need print services for your subscription-based business. 

1. Print Services Offer Physical Products

Somehow receiving something in print feels more engaging.  When your customers subscribed to your product, they simply plugged in some numbers from their credit card into their computer. Subscription businesses often do not even deliver a physical product or service. Sending a physical printed item makes them feel almost like you are more than just a pretend digital representation on the screen. A physical print gives you a physical presence in their home, which is the next level in connecting with your subscription-based customers. In short, it is another more meaningful way to connect with them. 

2. Print Services Help You Engage With Your Customer Base

In the subscription business, email communication only gets you so far. Sure, email is the cheapest way to communicate with your customer base but is it the best way to engage them? The answer is that people get bored with repetition. Even if you are the best subscription business of all time, you still need to be looking for effective ways to engage with your customer base.

3. Print Services are Different and Exciting

Getting a nice mix of email and print are a great way to keep your subscribers happy and looking forward to their next interaction with you. An effective marketing strategy in 2019 includes both print and digital content. 

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