Printed media may seem like a dying medium, but that is not the case! Recent research is finding that millennials are more receptive to the printed word than digital marketing. Print marketing is seen as more credible to many recipients than digital marketing. Our brains take longer amounts of time deciphering printed media than digital media. These are some of the reasons that companies are finding print marketing is still alive and well and why it should continue to be used for marketing your brand. Digital marketing has seen its day and will continue to be a leading marketing medium, but print media is still a fantastic way to showcase your brand.

3 Key Reasons Print Marketing Works
1. Printed Media can be seen and touched while Internet ads can be lost in a moment. Internet ads are quickly clicked away and lost for good, but printed marketing can be passed along. People spend more time looking at printed marketing. Think about the magazines and catalogs that are still lying around your home or office.
2. Printed Media makes a lasting impression. They create an emotional attachment, and the very tactile nature of print marketing stimulates the brain, this means that your message is more likely to be absorbed.
3. Print Marketing and digital marketing work together. A combination of print and online marketing generates more exposure and maximizes the amount of publicity.

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