So you’ve been printing catalogs for your customers and prospects over the last few years. Now some self-proclaimed internet guru is pressuring you to do away with the catalog saying that print is dead and the only reason print doesn’t know it’s dead yet is because it doesn’t have the internet.

Let me ask you this, over the years have you gotten enough sales from the catalog to cover its cost? If the answers yes, that’s all you need to know, stop reading this, tell your internet guru to go fly a kite and keep on printing catalogs!

Business is black and white if it doesn’t make dollars then it doesn’t make cents. If your print catalog generates enough sales to cover its costs, then it makes sense to keep printing it.

Do not forget the age-old adage of the marketing game ’multiple forms of contact.’ The more, the merrier, every meaningful exposure your product has to your customers or prospects helps keep you at the forefront of their minds and when they’re ready to purchase you’ll be front and center.

Don’t get me wrong; I’m not saying the printed catalog replaces digital forms of advertising. I’m only saying that it’s a great tool in your arsenal, don’t get rid of it just because there are newer forms of contacting your customers and prospects. If you’ve been sending out this catalog for years and it’s making you money, why would you want to stop that?

People like the way printed material feels in their hands! Holding something that’s been written on paper has a certain sense of richness to it, its realness causes it to be a more meaningful experience than reading online. Think about it, when you browse through a printed catalog you see it in real life, holding it and feeling its texture in your hand and on your fingertips as you turn the pages. Any professional educator will tell you, the more senses you engage while learning something, the more likely you are to retain that information.

If printing catalogs are working for you, don’t stop just because you think print is dead or because someone is trying to tell you it is. Life is very complicated, thankfully, deciding about printing a catalog is not complicated at all, if it’s been working for your business, making you money, keep doing it.

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