When it comes to buying advertisement space, a lot of people like to say that digital advertising is the only way to go. They say that magazine printing is dead and no one reads newspapers or magazines and that if you pay money to advertise in them, no one will see your advertisements. Before we sing the death song for print media, I’d like to consider the following points about print and digital media.

When tablets and e-readers like the Amazon Kindle and the Apple Ipad came out in 2007 and 2013, all the buzz was that print media’s days were numbered. Even before that, during the explosive growth of the internet in the early 2000’s “experts” were heralding the death of the print newspaper. It’s now eighteen years later, almost two decades since the internet changed how we consume media and not only are newspapers still being published and read but so are magazines.

Here’s the thing, there is something about holding a good old fashion newspaper or a magazine, made out of paper, in our hands that provides us humans with a sense of satisfaction we can not get from a glass screen on a plastic or metal case. Maybe it’s the smell, or maybe it’s the feel of the paper, who knows but the fact is, we humans like our magazines and our newspapers, always have and so far, seems as though we always will.

It’s true that advertising on digital media provides more analytics for advertisers to consider when allocating resources to advertising budgets. The data generated from digital advertising campaigns enables advertisers to curate their ad campaigns and ultimately more accurately advertise to their target demographic.

While digital advertising does provide a treasure trove of data about who is consuming your advertisements, that does not mean that advertising in a subscription magazine does not have merit. Think of a magazine like Game Informer or Bass Pro Shop; both are specialty stores that publish a widely consumed subscription-based magazine. It’s not hard to imagine the types of consumers subscribed to those magazines. The highly targeted audiences that each of those publications represents is proof enough that magazine printing is a strategic place to spend advertising dollars.

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