Promotional products for golf outings are a great way to keep your company in your customers and prospects mind. If you have clients and prospects that play golf, here is a list of the top four golf promotional items you should have branded with your company logo and contact information.

1. Golf balls

You can’t play the game without the ball; golf balls can range from super inexpensive to extremely expensive, so you have a lot of room to find the right price point that makes sense for you. These are a great promotional item for golf outings since anyone who plays golf will always appreciate extra balls.

2. Apparel

This can be anything from a golf polo to gloves, giving someone a great company branded piece of apparel is a great addition to any golfers wardrobe. It will also be used if it’s made from high-quality material and looks good, this can be great advertising for your company and your brand.

3. Golf Tees

Any golfer knows that golf tees are always breaking and getting left behind, giving a customer or prospect who loves to golf branded tees will go a long way and be very much appreciated.

4. Golf Towel

Keeping clubs clean between putting and driving is important while on the golf course. If you can provide someone with a quality microfiber golf towel, branded with your companies logo and contact info, it will go a long way. Giving out successful promotional products for golf outings are about both the functionality of the giveaway as well as the quality, it won’t do you any good if you give out something that people really want but the product falls apart right when they use it. If you are looking for high-quality promotional products for golf outings, call Crescent Printing Company (CPC Printing and Promotions) for all of your commercial printing needs.