As a magazine printing company, CPC Printing and Promotions understands that paper quality and thickness matters. Even though it may feel like no one uses paper anymore as we live in a world that seems to be becoming more digital by the minute. Despite this, there are still many times when using paper is necessary. However, choosing the right paper for your purposes is not always so easy. Here are some fundamental questions you need to answer to find the right paper for your printing project:  

  • What are you printing? Understanding the purpose of your paper and what the intended use of the project is the first step in selecting the right kind of paper.


  • Is it a flyer or a magazine or something people are going to be picking up with their hands and reading? If it is, then you will want to select a slightly more substantial stock of paper, so it feels nice in hand.


  • Will people be writing on it? Paper can come in coated or uncoated, most pens will not write as smoothly on coated paper, so it is important to select uncoated. Coated paper is best used in brochures or photos unless you want people to draw mustaches on your photos.


  • Will the paper be exposed to the outdoors? Considering the environment that your paper will be in to determine if it can even exist in the setting it will be needed for. It is possible to select a more durable stock of paper for projects that will be used outdoors.

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